The drawing software SDBOX is complementary and helpful for all AutoCAD 200-202x, BricsCAD, GstarCAD and ZwCAD users.

With more than 800 commands you can easily draw, organize and control any drawing.

*It requires any CAD plattform to be installed in Windows Environment.

The basic ideas of SDBOX were and still are:

· To automate often repeated drawing procedures.

· To easily manage complicated Drawings and perform massive calculations.

· To organize Drawings with default settings defined by the user. It includes libraries and settings one can use on office networks.

· To have all appropriate tools needed in order to edit all complementary elements of the drawing (symbols, texts, numbers, dimensions etc). The sizes of all objects  is carefully designed so that they are readable, always according to the printing scale of the drawing.

· To easily create and manage libraries for texts, symbols, lines, Hatches dimensions etc, with automated annotation tables for all the elements of the Drawing with predefined descriptions.

· To easily check accuracy of any drawing.

 All SDBOX commands do not affect any other plugin and can be used at the same time.

For all Engineers and Designers


· Numbers: Calculations with numbers that are in texts, in Blocks, calculations with objects (e.g. summation of the length of lines), slope calculation, area calculation with automated notation and coordinates table etc.

· Blocks : Editable symbols libraries that can be placed on networks folders, insertion of blocks according to the scale of the drawing or insertion of blocks in specific dimensions, export, lists, automated Block annotation etc.

· Texts : Alignment (e.g.  columns), changing of spaces of texts, import files as text, export to files (e.g. export to Word Document for spelling), group editing, Text annotations etc.

· Lines : 200+ line types, drawing tools, editing Line - Polyline - Arc, automated Lines Annotation Table etc.

· Layers : Managing, import from preset file, copy to Layers, move, rename, modify,  etc.

· Hatch : Lineation, ground, concave surface, wood, roof, tiles, wall, glass, section elements, automated Hatch annotation table etc.

· Offset : with Layer change, repetitive in preset direction, repetitive with preset distance, offset by picking point in the center of closed areas, etc.

· Views : Creating Model views, import from libraries, Vports tools in Layouts, etc.

· Indications : 20 indication types (simple text, with symbols, site indications, aligned, in columns etc) with phrase libraries and editing tools, etc.

· Dimensioning : 15 dimensioning AutoCAD-type commands , 5 commands of automated dimensioning with simple text, etc.

· Various : Checking of  “to do” list, insert paper dimensions, import lists from files, cut drawing details, mange files, transfer drawing to Google Earth etc.

· Modify : 30 managing tools - scale - move - rotate - Ltscale - Ltweight - Hatch Scale - change, etc

· Images : Copy - Search - Isolation, etc.

· Sections - Elevations : Tools to automate drawing of Section and elevation plans, automate level indications, tools for setting and checking levels, window and door recess symbols, etc

· Ground Plan : 10 tools for door-window-openings and coloumns indications, easy draw of a preset door/window, level/heights indications, architectural symbols library, etc.

· Topography/Land Survey : Import points from text files, various survey drawing tools, draw by typing codes of points, creating survey points, symbols, grid, area measurement, coordinates lists, automated annotations, etc

· Photos: Tools to make a photo book by importing photo  indication, Title blocks, counting and copying photos, etc.

· Annotations : automated annotations for symbols - blocks - texts - lines - hatch with preset descriptions, notes insertion, title insertion, data base of the projects , etc

· Settings: Import - export - load SDBOX settings, ctb files,  AutoCAD settings, etc.

· Fonts: SDBOX fonts are designed to save space and to be able to be printed with penwidth.

For AutoCAD 2000-20xx, BricsCAD, GstarCAD, ZwCAD

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